10 February 2007: A Stain on the UN’s reputation

The anniversary of the 10 February 2007 demonstration in Prishtina is always a time of reflection. For the families who lost loved ones, or those who were seriously injured, grief is at the heart of that reflection. Their loss is, however, also sharpened by the absence of justice.

Fifteen years later, no one has been held to account for the killing of Mon Balaj and Arben Xheladini, nor the serious injuries caused to Zenel Zeneli, Mustafe Nerjovaj and Hysni Hyseni. These young men were shot during a peaceful demonstration, with lethal out-of-date rubber bullets, by Romanian police serving in the UN mission in Kosovo’s police force. According to the UN’s own internal investigation, there was no justification for the police action. Yet a blind eye was turned while the police unit responsible departed Kosovo.