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Veseli: I will accelerate the legalization of buildings without permission, but not for the properties of the powerful

The candidate for prime minister from the ranks of the PDK, Kadri Veseli, through a post on Facebook, has said that he will speed up the legalization of buildings without permission, but this does not apply to the properties of the powerful.

"I visited residents of Mati and Kodra e Trimave neighborhoods who do not yet have legal title deeds for their property. How come there are 350 in Kosovo who do not have title deeds, thus keeping almost 000 billion euros of blocked capital out of circulation in the economy. This situation must come to an end and these citizens must enjoy their property for which they have poured a lot of sweat", said Veseli, Koha.net reports.

He adds that thousands of citizens have been forced to build their houses without obtaining permission because the relevant institutions were not able to do urban planning and provide services in accordance with the growing demand for housing.

"Thousands of others have bought apartments in legal high-rise buildings, pay property tax and still for years they have not been given a title deed by irresponsible bureaucrats", stated Veseli.

He says that this process will be completed within two years.

"Therefore, within two years, through accelerated legalization, all these citizens will have the legal title to their property if it does not infringe on public interest or property. Billions of euros will be unlocked legally and can become part of our economy, opening tens of thousands of jobs and building a better economic future for Kosovo.

Share this video if you also agree that legalization should happen as soon as possible", said Veseli.