Good news for the EU car market


913.995 new cars were registered in the countries of the European Union in April. It is 13.7 percent more compared to the same month last year, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) announced on Saturday.

In all the main European markets, a significant increase in car sales was recorded during April, in Spain by 23.1 percent, Germany by 19.8 percent, France by 10.9 percent, Italy by 7.7 percent.

In the month of April, gasoline cars were sold the most in EU countries (36%), followed by hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) with 29.1 percent, diesel with 12.9 percent and battery electric vehicles (BEV) with 11.9 percent.

The number of registered battery electric vehicles in April increased by 14.8 percent from last year, to 108.552 vehicles.

If the data for the first four months of 2024 are analyzed, the number of new cars registered in the EU increased by 6.6 percent to almost 3.7 million vehicles, ACEA announced on its website.