Murdered women: some cases from the diaspora in Switzerland

The killing of women is not a known and terrible phenomenon only in Kosovo. Some serious cases in the Albanian diaspora in Switzerland are also alarming. As in Kosovo, silence is preferred among the Albanian community in Switzerland. A silence that does not solve any problems, but only deepens them


Six days before the crime Sh. S. was asked by a Swiss policeman if he intended to kill his wife. S. answered: “No, not currently. But when I face problems, my mind goes". S. was violent, so the Swiss authorities had removed him from the apartment he shared with his wife, whom he had threatened with scissors. On August 15, 2011, he ambushed his wife near a municipal facility near Zürich and shot her three times in the head. The woman died on the spot. A social worker ran from the municipality building to calm the situation, probably without knowing what had happened. S. also shot the Swiss woman with a gun, she also died. In 2013, this criminal was sentenced to life imprisonment.


In September 2022, the police found Sh., a 41-year-old woman, a Swiss citizen, but of Albanian ethnicity from Kosovo, dead in the bathroom of her home. A day after her death, her husband, an Albanian from North Macedonia, also with Swiss citizenship, was arrested. Meanwhile, Doras has admitted the crime. He is in prison. The prosecution has drawn up the indictment and demands 18 years of imprisonment. The trial has not yet started, the couple had two children.


At the end of May last year in Vevey in French Switzerland, a Kosovar woman was found dead in her apartment. Her partner, also a Kosovar, was arrested on suspicion of being the author of the murder. The victim's corpse had several signs of being hit with a sharp instrument. After the arrest, Dorasi admitted that he had injured the woman. This couple had four children.


In August 2019, a Kosovar living in Switzerland killed his wife while on vacation in Kosovo. They were parents of one child. After a conversation, the man killed his wife with a 9-millimeter revolver. He fired 15 bullets at her. The 61-year-old was a taxi driver in a town near Zurich.


In May 2013, a 45-year-old Kosovar man was sentenced in Switzerland to 20 years in prison, because he had killed his wife in 2009. He was accused of meticulously preparing, step by step, the murder of his wife. In 2008, he was forced to leave the shared apartment. The 35-year-old woman insisted on a divorce, the couple had three children. According to Swiss media, the husband was hindered by his wife's great self-confidence. Before the trial he did not repent of the crime. He committed the murder on April 9, 2009, killing his wife with 5 bullets in the village of Riniken.


On March 9, 2009, the Kosovar SI and his Swiss girlfriend CF were sitting in a car in a parking lot in the village of V. near Zurich. At one point S. asked C.: "Does it occur to you that I can kill you?". She replied: "Maybe, yes." SI put the revolver to her neck and fired. The bullet penetrated the Swiss girl from the neck up to the head. She died. Before the trial S. tried to lie saying that the case was an accident. The court of second instance did not believe him and sentenced him to 16 years in prison. This judgment was also confirmed by the highest judicial instance of Switzerland, the Federal Court in Lausanne.