Blerando "defeats" Geasyn and Ledrin

Blendo Geasy Leather

That there are ardent fans of Blerando, this was confirmed yesterday in the top list of the most popular songs on KTV "Top Koha Music". Their votes enabled the singer, from being a proposal last week, to rank in second position, thus taking the place of the duo Geasy and Ledri, who with the song "Thuj" stayed in second place for several weeks in a row. This week she was positioned in third place.

With the song "Rrakata", Blerando defeated other artists such as Rina Balaj, Emrah Brah and Semi Jaupaj, Gjiko and Mark Zogaj, Ermal Fejzullahu and Mc Kresha, Dafina Zeqiri, Dhurata Dora and Ron.

The top most voted song remains "Kce" by Luiz Ejlli, while the new proposals are: Yll Limani - "Take it all", Alban Skënderaj - "La la la" and Elinel e Yanina - "Enemies".

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