This Sunday, "2BROS" and Elevan come to "Top Koha Music".

In the program dedicated to music on KTV you can listen to the ten most voted songs in the Top List. The duo Venera Lumani and Lind Islami lead the ranking for more than three months. In addition to the songs that are currently part of the Top List, six new proposals will be added to the competition this week: Shpat Deda with "Instinctivisht", Mozzik with "n' Tirana", Ledri Vula with the song "Sot, sot, sot", " Don't go" by Dafina Zeqiri and Yll Limani, "Mëkatare" by Melinda and "Johnny" by Tayna.

In the studio we talk with Elevan and "2BROS", Leon and Dion Jelliqi. You will hear Eleva sing in Albanian and she will reveal details about her career. Her wish is to collaborate with the singer Dafina Zeqiri in the future.

On the other hand, "2BROS", the brothers from Prizren, Dion and Leon Jelliqi, who became a sensation on social networks, will also be with us this week. Their skills in "Freestyle" have already become known to the Albanian public, but this time the rap artists reveal a completely different side of them. The pair of artists who started their careers when they were only 12 and 13 years old, for now prioritize their professional advancement. Exclusively for "Top Koha Music", "2BROS" will reveal good news for fans.