Mollopolci builds a tower dedicated to 200 martyrs

There are over 200 martyrs of the Operative Zone of Nerodime from 5 different municipalities, with whose figures the tower in Mollopolc of Shtime is being represented, which was inaugurated and opened its doors to visitors on the 16th anniversary of Kosovo's Independence.

Since the post-war, the idea of ​​erecting such a tower was thought of, in which the memories of those who contributed to the country's freedom and were part of the Operative Zone of Nerodima would be preserved. The tower was built within a year and cost 100 euros.

In addition to photographs, this tower-museum will soon begin collecting wartime artifacts.

The first floor is preserved as a museum, and as is customary, the tower also has its traditional Albanian ode.

On the second floor, in the spirit of the room that used to be used for meeting national issues, now in the time of freedom, the future and development of the country is being talked about, but only the commanders and family members of the martyrs will be able to use it.

The mayor of the village, Demokrat Mujota, says that all the families of the martyrs have an emotional connection with the village of Mollopolc, just as they themselves had, and even has a fresh memory with the mother of the martyr, Ahmet Kaçiku.

The mayor of the village says that with the further completion of the tower, he will soon start organizing various visits, which focus on informing new generations about the history of the country, preserving the values ​​and heroism of the Kosovo Liberation Army. .