Ademi on the penal policy: The appeal can unify the practice only in cases of complaints

Source Adam

Burim Ademi, judge of the Court of Appeal, regarding the penal policy, said that the Appeal can unify the practice only in cases of appeals.

"Unfortunately, the role of the Court of Appeal is entirely dependent on the participants in the criminal procedure, therefore on the prosecutor and the defense, because in the context of conviction, the Court of Appeal has the competence to consider the issue of criminal sanction, only in case there are claims of justified in relation to the sanction imposed by the court of first instance", said Ademi in "Tempus" on KTV.

Also, he has mentioned a case that according to him was absurd, where in a case of attempted murder in complicity, the Prosecutor's Office filed a complaint against only one.

Therefore, Judge Ademi has said that the Court of Appeal has its hands tied regarding the sanction issue.

"The Court of Appeal in some way has its hands tied regarding the issue of sanctions, if there are no claims from the parties, and even the Supreme Court has a practice built on the type of criminal sanction, if there are no proposals from the of the parties in the appeal, the Court of Appeal cannot intervene in that case", added Ademi.

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