Apple sees the fight in China, Samsung comes out on top

Apple company

The technology company Apple has lost the top spot as a phone manufacturer, ranking below Samsung.

This was due to a drop in iPhone shipments, Reuters reported on Monday.

Apple's smartphone shipments fell about 10 percent in the first quarter of this year.

Global smartphone shipments rose 7.8 percent to 289.4 million units during the January-March period. Samsung has 20.8 percent of the market, occupying the first place of the phone manufacturer.

The iPhone maker's sharp sales decline follows its strong performance in the December quarter, when it overtook Samsung as the world's No. 1 phone maker. It is now back in second place, with 17.3 percent of the market.

Xiaomi, one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in China, took third place with a market share of 14.1% during the first quarter.

The drop in iPhones also occurred due to the challenges faced by the American firm in its market in China, where many institutions have restricted the use of Apple devices for employees.