TikTok announces new app, aims to compete with Instagram


Social network TikTok is preparing a photo-sharing app that will compete with Instagram.

The company has said it's working on a "dedicated space" for photos and text, and some users have already received notifications that their posts containing photos will be shared with the new TikTok Notes app unless they choose to delete

This is the latest example of social media companies imitating each other, just as Instagram launched Reels in response to TikTok in 2020.

Although it is "copying", such moves can pay off for companies, but only if done in the right way. An example is Instagram, which copied Snapchat by introducing the Stories feature. However, a similar move by Twitter ended in failure.

TikTok hasn't finished work on the Notes app yet, nor has it revealed a launch date, but reports received by some users indicate that it will allow uploading and sharing of photo posts in the new app. Currently, TikTok allows users to post photo sequences with sounds and filters.