What are the consequences of not releasing Airplane Mode on an airplane?

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When you board the plane, the crew asks you to either turn off your devices or switch them to Airplane Mode. But why does this happen?

This is necessary, according to experts, not only to protect yourself, but also to protect all other planes that may be in the path of the plane you are in, writes "DailyMail".

Phones connect to the network by sending signals in the form of electromagnetic waves. These are, in fact, waves that cover a certain part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A problem can arise if these waves mix with some other signals in the air and then there can be negative consequences for the planes in the vicinity.

The higher the plane, the more the phones absorb the network so they have the strongest signal.

And if the planes meet in the air, there could be "signal bursts" in the control tower, and the people controlling the flights would have no idea which signal to focus on.

If you fly without Airplane Mode enabled, you send out large radio waves that interfere with surrounding signals and are potentially a major security threat.