Meet the most dangerous virus that destroys your computer

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In case Mydoom is part of your computer, chances are very high that it will be infected and inevitably damaged. This is considered to be the most dangerous computer virus that spreads frequently and causes great damage.

It dates from 2004, writes "Allaboutcookies", and its aim was to steal both emails and full access to computers.

This is what a message shared by Mydoomi looks like

In fact, Mydoomi had caused over 38 billion dollars of damage to the computers of users in the United States of America and beyond.

"I'm just doing the job", was the message that users received as soon as they clicked on the link that was distributed by the virus in the e-mail.

The creator of this virus was Craig Schmugar, director at the security firm, McAfee.

Mydoomi is the most dangerous virus, but Sobigu, Confickeri, Klezi, ILOVEYOU, WannaCry, Sasser, and others are also listed on that list.