South Korea warns Google and Apple of fines of up to 50 million dollars

Russia fines Google hundreds of thousands of dollars

South Korea has warned that tech companies Google and Apple will face possible fines for abusing their dominant position in the apps market.

According to the telecommunications regulator of this country, the fines reach up to 50.5 million dollars.

South Korea's Communications Commission said in a statement that the two tech giants forced app developers to pay and caused unfair delays in app review.

"We will carefully review the KCC's notice and submit our response. Once the final written decision is shared with us, we will carefully review it to assess how to proceed," Google said.

Apple, on the other hand, issued a statement saying that it disagrees with the KCC's conclusions.

"We believe that the changes we have implemented in the App Store are in compliance with the Telecommunications Business Act," the company said in a statement.

In 2021, South Korea passed an amendment to the Telecommunications Business Act that prohibits app store operators from forcing software developers to use their payment systems.