Disney surpasses Netflix in the number of subscribers

Disney is getting more and more subscribers and has passed Netflix in terms of numbers. That's why a new streaming service will launch in the US in December, writes Bloomberg.

In early July, Disney reported 221.1 million subscribers across its three streaming platforms. That put it ahead of Netflix, which is losing customers.

The company, which also owns streaming television platform Hulu and sports-focused ESPN+, has said demand for its Disney+ product remains strong. They warned that the loss of cricket broadcasting rights in India would reduce subscriber growth.

The company had 14.4 million subscribers to Disney+ in the last quarter, many of them from outside the US, which was far more than analysts expected.

Later this year, a new ad-funded service will launch in the US, which will continue with the current subscription fee of $7.99. The fee for the ad-free service will increase to $10.99 per month.