Health benefits of red chili pepper

If cayenne pepper is added to food in moderation, it can be good for the body as it offers several health benefits.

Red chili peppers are low in protein, low in carbohydrates, and very low in fat.

But, 45 grams of this type of pepper contains 72% of the daily needs of the human body for vitamin C, 13% of the daily need for vitamin B6 and 5% of vitamin K, reports Health Line.

This means that chili peppers contain large amounts of vitamin C. After these peppers are ground, ground and made into pepper, they contain large amounts of this vitamin, which is essential for good human health and protects the body against infections.

Another ingredient found in chili peppers is capsaicin. This compound has been reported to protect against prostate cancer. Capsaicin releases heat and as such is used by pharmacists in some adhesive bandages, which are applied to treat back pain.

Some studies have suggested that these peppers protect against heart disease.

Red pepper adds flavor to food, making it a good substitute for excess salt.