9 ways to lose weight without exercise

Since many people find it difficult to exercise or cannot go to the gym, nutritionists have given some recommendations on how to lose weight without exercising.

First tip it's slow eating. Long chewing makes the eating process slower allowing the food to be digested better. Chewing quickly causes a piece of bread to be swallowed without chewing well, creating difficulties for the digestive process in the stomach. Eating more slowly helps you feel full faster by eating fewer calories. Dietitians say that this way is efficient for weight loss, reports "HealthLine".

The second tip is to eat less caloric foods without filling the plate. A small plate helps you eat less because when the food is served there seems to be more. On the other hand, when little food is served on a large plate, it makes you want to add more food to it.

The third tip is to consume more proteins as they create the feeling of satiety without much need to consume unnecessary calories.

The fourth tip is the preparation of food at home. In 2017, a study was done that suggested that people who cook at home are less likely to gain weight, since self-prepared food is better for the body.

The fifth tip is to consume more foods that contain fiber, since fiber helps digestion, causing the appetite to decrease.

The sixth tip is frequent drinking of water. Drinking water regularly helps you eat less and thus lose weight faster, especially when you drink water before eating food. Any sugary drinks should be replaced with water and thus significantly reduce the intake of unnecessary calories.

Seventh tip is to eat without being distracted by any electronic device such as a telephone or television. People who eat while watching the phone, TV or playing a game are much more likely to gain weight because they do not consider the amount of food they consume.

The eighth tip it is regular sleep and avoiding stress. Irregular sleep and stress disrupt certain hormones that cause a person to eat more than they should.

The ninth tip is the elimination of sugary drinks. Carbonated drinks as well as those of trees have a lot of added and processed sugar as well as other harmful agents for the body that cause obesity. Eliminating these drinks from use will do good to the body, resulting in weight loss. The human brain does not register the many calories from drinking sugary drinks as it does food, causing you to eat even more if you consume these drinks.