What is the best time to exercise, morning or evening?

Experts say any time is good for exercise.

"I tell my patients to exercise whenever they can. If it's more convenient for you to do the exercises in the morning, do it, if it suits you in the evening, do it in the evening", said the doctor of physical exercises, Sue Decotiis, reports CBS News.

According to experts, morning exercises help improve metabolism and increase energy levels throughout the day.

A study published last year suggested that the group of people who exercised in the morning had a greater effect on weight loss than the group who exercised in the evening.
However, when the exercises were done in the evening, it had an effect on reducing the level of stress that has accumulated during the day.

Another study published in 2022 suggested that women who exercised in the morning lost weight faster and had better blood pressure results, while those who exercised in the evening had improved mood and stronger muscles.
While for men, the study found that evening exercises were more effective in reducing weight as well as better blood pressure, compared to the group that exercised in the morning.

Experts found that the best time to exercise is what suits an individual the most.

They also recommended that any kind of movement contributes to the good of a person, so they advised that it is better for people to climb the stairs instead of using the elevator.
The most important thing is that when the exercises are started, they should continue to be done at the same time. So consistency is key for any person's exercise.