The health benefits of bone broth

Bone soup is a liquid that is boiled with the bones of animal meat, such as cow, beef or chicken, combining them with various spices.

This soup offers many health benefits for the body as it is very rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids and minerals.

Bone broth helps against inflammation as it contains collagen, glycine glutamine. These compounds protect against human bone inflammation and diseases such as arthritis.

Since this soup contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, it is very good for human bones, making them stronger and protecting them from osteoporosis, reports "EatingWell".

The soup also protects the joints and intestines. By adding different vegetables, it can become one of the healthiest foods for the body, protecting it from many diseases.

It is recommended to consume it about three times a week in different ways, as excessive consumption may not be very good for the body as some animal bones may contain heavy metals for the human body, such as cadmium and lead.

One serving of bone broth contains:

121 calories

4 grams of carbohydrates

1 gram of fiber

1 grams of sugar

0 g of unhealthy fats

391 mg of salt

1mg of iron (which is 6% of the required daily value)

225 micrograms of vitamin A (25% of the required daily value)

6 mg vitamin C (7% of the required daily value)