Only a draw for Rapid's Albanians in the derby

Albion Rrahmani, Ermal Krasniqi and Florent Hasani played from the first minute in the Romanian derby match between Universitatea Craiova and Rapid Bucharest. The Romanian derby ended in a draw, 1:1, while meeting the 29th week of the Romanian Super League.

Ermal Krasniqi assisted in Rapid's goal. The goal scored in the 49th minute by Jakup Hromada was a 1:1 draw. Craiova scored the lead goal in the 30th minute. Rrahmani and Krasniqi played until the end, while Hasan was replaced in the 72nd minute. Former Pristina striker Jalen Blesa played for Craiovan from the 66th minute. Rapid remains in second place with 52 points. Steaua Bucharest is in first place with 64 points, while Craiova is in fourth position with 46 points.