On Tuesday, Kosovo learns the first opponents in League B, Serbia and Bosnia are "excluded"

After the series of 14 games without defeat, the Kosovo representative in football will start with much more challenging meetings in a month. For the first time, Kosovo footballers will play in the B League.

In fact, on April 3, the qualifications for the European Championship that will be held next year in Switzerland begin. The first stage of qualification is the same as the UEFA Nations League. The European female soccer players are divided into three levels, namely three leagues, depending on the results they had in the first edition of the UEFA Nations League.

Kosovo had won the group in League C of the League of Nations and thus has been promoted to League B.

The draw for the first phase of the qualifications for "Euro 2025" will be drawn on Tuesday from 13:00 in Nyon. The top 16 European teams will compete in League A. The teams from position 17 to 32 compete in League B, while the teams from position 33 to 51 are in League C.

Kosovo is in League B, so it stands better than 19 European representatives who are in League C.

For the draw, Kosovo will be in the fourth pot. In this pot, it is behind Malta and Israel and ahead of Azerbaijan. According to the line-up, there are fully 20 European representatives behind Kosovo.

In League B, four groups of four representatives will be formed. In the first pot are Portugal, Switzerland, Scotland and Wales. The second pot includes Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary. The third pot consists of Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Ukraine and Turkey. Kosovo in the group will have one representative from each pot, except Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The matches between Kosovo and Serbia and Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina are not allowed by UEFA.

Only two representatives from all four groups of League A qualify directly for the European Championship. Other places are filled through the playoffs. As for League B, where Kosovo will be, the first three representatives in each group are guaranteed to appear in the playoffs. Only the representatives of the fourth place can stay out of the playoffs, unless they will fall to the C League.

Through the playoffs, the last seven representatives who qualify for the European Championship will be determined. The playoff draw is on July 19, while the playoff games will be played in October, November and early December this year.

But first there are the draw and group matches. From April 3rd to 9th are rounds one and two. Rounds three and four are from May 29 to June 4, while rounds five and six are from July 10 to 16.

Kosovo footballers have not lost since November 12, 2022, when they lost to Slovenia. Since then they have 13 wins and one draw. But in front of them were representatives of a solid European level.

Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, North Macedonia, Liechtenstein are the European representatives that Kosovo defeated last year and this year. All but Liechtenstein are in League C. Liechtenstein does not compete in the qualifiers at all.

There is also Albania in League C, which is drawn in the first pot together with Slovenia, Greece, Belarus and Romania.

In the first edition of the League of Nations, Kosovo was in League C. It won the group with Bulgaria and North Macedonia. He scored two victories against North Macedonia, while he had a victory and a draw with Bulgaria.

At the end of February, Kosovo footballers won a tournament in Turkey. Scored victories over Hong Kong, Estonia and India. Representatives of a significantly higher level will face them in the next matches.