The young handball players promise a worthy presentation at the World Cup

Kosovo U18 handball players qualified for the World Championship via the shortest route. But the young players of Kosovo hope to remain part of the competition in the World Cup that will be held in China from August 14 to 25.

On Monday, the Kosovar handball players returned from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where they qualified for the World Cup on Sunday.

For the triumph in the "IHF Intercontinental Trophy", a press conference was held on Monday at the Kosovo Handball Federation.

The president of FHK, Eugen Saraçini, has evaluated the qualification for the World Cup as historic, while head coach Mitat Ferati and handball players, Arona Krasniqi and Sara Gjergjaj promised maximum commitment in the World Cup.

"I believe this success will be a great motivation not only for handball, but also for other sports, to be competitive in order to achieve success. We think and aim to be much higher in the future", said Saraçini.

The IHF Trophy is an event of the International Handball Federation that aims to develop handball around the world. But he offered a ticket to the World Cup.

In the fall, Kosovo had won the IHF Trophy for the European area and thus qualified for the intercontinental stage, where it triumphed last week.

The head coach of Kosovo U18, Mitat Ferati, said that the handball players have the greatest merit.

"The commitment of the girls in each game has made us achieve this great success, qualifying for the U18 World Cup. The key to this success is the talent that these girls possess after they have given the best of themselves. So far we have made good performances and we have proven that, but we have not yet met the teams that are waiting for us in China, where the World Cup will be held. In addition to work, discipline has also brought this success", said Ferati.

Handball players also aim for success in the World Cup. Arona Krasniqi said that they will try to present themselves as best as possible in China.

"It is a great achievement and we will be ready for the World Cup, where we will give our best to make the best possible performances. I don't believe there will be a better feeling than appearing at the World Cup, since we have been working for two years to achieve this success. All the players are committed to give our best in every match, regardless of whether we win or lose. It is a very good feeling that we have managed to qualify for the World Cup", said Krasniqi.

Sara Gjergjaj admits that the competition in China will not be easy. She emphasizes that they will try to present Kosovo in the best way.

"We just want to give as much as we can. We know ourselves that we are a little bit because the handball that will be played in China is stronger than what we had in this tournament, it is the handball of Europe, the best handball. But still we will practice as much as possible, because we will be in China and give as much as we can and play the game as if we know", said Gjergjaj.

From team sports, only the U21 representative of Kosovo in handball has qualified for the World Championship so far. The junior handball players have appeared in the World Championship held in Spain in 2019, while they qualified through the IHF Trophy.

On Monday, the young handball players were welcomed at MKRS and the Kosovo Olympic Committee.