A difficult match awaits the champion in Klina

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If the table ranking is taken as a basis, Balkan should have no problems in the trip to Dukagjini in Klina. Balkan leads the Kosovo Super League table with 45 points, 15 more than Dukagjini in sixth place.

But the results of mutual matches give signs for another interesting challenge. The current form of the Balkans as well.

Before the 3:1 victory of the Balkans in Suhareka in the last match with Dukagjini, the team from Suhareka and the one from Klina had tied in four consecutive games with the result 1:1.

The next match between Dukagjin and Balkan will take place on Saturday at the "18 June" stadium. It starts at 13:00 and belongs to the 23rd round of the elite of Kosovar football.

Balkan has not won in Klina since April 9, 2022.

At Dukagjini, which is led by coach Armend Dallku, there have been changes recently. Iljasa Zulfiu, one of the most distinguished, has left the team. Consequently, the burden for the offensive phase has fallen on another important player of the club. Blerind Morina, who has three goals and four assists in the Super League, considers the match against the Balkans difficult.

But Morina added that Dukagjini will play only for victory.

"We value every football team in Kosovo, especially the Balkan team, which is one of the strongest. But when we play in Klina, despite the respect we have for our opponents, we play only for victory, as we also have the support of the fans, 'Hithave'. We expect victory on Saturday and no other result comes into consideration", Morina stated on Friday for KOHE.

The 23-year-old, who plays in the position of attacking midfielder, also contributed with two goals and an assist in the Kosovo Cup.

Dukagjini is in the quarterfinals of the Cup, while it will face Drita next midweek.

Even the champion of the last two editions, Balkani, is in the race to win the Cup. In the quarterfinals, he faces Malisheva in "Liman Gegaj".

But, first, the Balkans will try to get full points in the difficult journey.

Balkan coach Ilir Daja, who continued the contract for another two years with Suharekasi, aims for the second victory in the spring season. Defeated Liria, while drawing with Feronikeli 74 and Gjilan, and was defeated in the derby by Drita. The Balkans are in a series of three games without a win. He hopes to spend the mini-crisis in Klina.

Balkan now has only one point more than Llap in second place and two more than Drita in third place.

Central defender Gentrit Halili, despite the difficult journey, believes in victory.

"As a team, we work hard regardless of the results. We try to fulfill the tasks asked of us by the professor during training. No doubt that each of us, at the beginning of each match, is convinced of victory. We hope to have other successes, after those we have achieved before. Motive and work are not lacking in our team. We expect the positive results to come and be an indication that we are working hard", Halili told KOHEN.

Llapi and Drita will try to exploit the next possible mistake from the Balkans. On Saturday, from 13:00, Llapi plays a trip to Feronikeli 74, while Drita faces Fushë Kosova in "Sami Kelmendi".

On Sunday, Prishtina hosts Liri, while Gjilan meets Malisheva. Prishtina plays as host in Lipjan.

Superliga – XXIII

Saturday (13:00)

Dukagjini - the Balkans

Feronicel 74 – Llapi

Fushë Kosova - Drita

Sunday (13:00)

Prishtina - Freedom

Gjilan - Malisheva

1. The Balkans 22 13 6 3 39:20 45

2. Lapi 22 13 5 4 35:17 44

3. Light 22 13 4 5 29:13 43

4. Malisheva 22 12 2 8 36:26 ​​38

5. Prishtina 22 6 13 ​​3 23:20 31

6. Dukagjini 22 7 9 6 30

7. Feronicel 74 22 6 5 11 21:34 23

8. Gjilani 22 5 7 10 16:21 22

9. Fushë Kosova 22 2 6 14:37 12

10. Freedom 22 1 7 14 14:38 10