In Montenegro, a very suspicious goal brings back memories of similar "deeds" in Kosovo

The Albanian team from Tuzi, Deçiqi, won 3:0 in the trip to Mladost, on Wednesday. After the defeat of Buduqnost, Deçiqi is the leader in the championship of Montenegro with 42 points.

But Decic's first goal, scored by Bojan Mitiq, was very doubtful. When he shot from the area, the opposing defender jumped to clear the way to the goal. The media in Montenegro have reported a lot about the goal, which they considered scandalous.

There have been many such goals in the past in Kosovo and most likely there will be again in the final stage of the championship, when the manipulation of the results comes to light.

The Dukagjin goalkeeper's avoidance in a very suspicious match of the previous edition had caused a sensation.