Rahovec wins the derby, Vellaznimi announces his retirement from racing

Rahoveci continued with victories in the Kosovo Superliga in handball. On Saturday in the derby of the 17th round, Rahoveci defeated Kastriot in Ferizaj with a score of 36:34. "Vreshtars" were constantly in the lead, but Kastrioti, supported by many spectators, came close to a goal in the last minute. However, Rahovec scored another goal for the 17th consecutive victory. Spaniard Victor Alonso scored 11 goals for Rahovec.

Alban Haziri had nine. In Kastrioti, Deniz Terziqi had 11 goals, while Rron Ramadani and Lulzim Shabani scored six.

On Saturday, Besa Famgas defeated Vellazni with a score of 46:17, while Prishtina won against Vushtrri with a score of 46:26. In the 17th round, Trepça defeated Deçan with a score of 43:28. Rahovec leads the table with 34 points. Besa is second with 28 points, while Trepça is third with 24 points.

Kastrioti follows with 20 and Prishtina with 16 points. After the match with Besa, Vellaznimi i Gjakova has announced through a post that he withdraws from the competitions. The Gjakovar club has justified the decision with the very bad financial situation.

The brotherhood announced its withdrawal from the competition weeks ago, but it has continued until now.