Jakiroviqi with big words for Hoxha

The coach of Dinamo Zagreb, Sergej Jakirović, is very satisfied with the performance of Arbë Hoxha.

"I congratulate the boys for the performance and the great game. We stuck to the plan, played well, and were much more dangerous than on the road. We had good chances. We conceded the goal from our mistake. Then, we continued as we had prepared the match and were clear in some situations. I'm happy for Hoxha and Kaneko who created that goal. We have eliminated a great opponent. They showed quality, played well and were quick with short passes. When Bakambu was replaced, everything was easier for us", coach Jakirović said in the press conference after the match.

He also spoke about a controversial situation of Hoxha.

"Penalty in Hoxha? At first I was convinced that Bellerin had hit him, but from the other corner it was seen that Hoxha stepped on his leg. And it wasn't a penalty," Jakirovic said.