Shaqiri's permit for the construction of the luxury villa is withdrawn again, the case in federal court

Football star Xherdan Shaqiri has been canceled again, the permit for the construction of a luxury villa in Rheinfelden AG, Switzerland, reports "Blick".

The representative of Switzerland will appeal to the highest instances of the federal court in this regard.

Shaqiri plans to build a villa that would cost nearly three million Swiss francs. However, the project is in jeopardy with the removal of the construction permit.

Tennis legend Roger Federer had a similar legal battle. However, he was finally issued a building permit and is building a luxury villa.

However, 32-year-old Shaqiri is continuing the battle.

The city of Rheinfelden AG had given him a building permit as early as August 2022. After publishing the project and applying for construction in the spring of 2021, there were four objections. Among them, shadows, light emissions and too little greenery were criticized.

These objections were initially mitigated through design correction, therefore the construction request was approved. However, the permit was not yet legally binding, the appellants had 30 days to appeal and the permit was withdrawn.

It has been a year and a half since then and nothing has happened.

"People always pass by asking how it's going here," a resident of the Kapuzinerberg neighborhood in Rheinfelden told "Aargauer Zeitung".

From time to time Shaqiri's parents take care of the garden, otherwise everything is quiet around the property where Shaqiri planned to build the villa of around 3 million.

As the Swiss newspaper said, nothing can be done about the property at the moment because the case is still pending.

"Procedures are underway and the building permit is not yet legally binding," city spokesman Roger Edin was quoted as saying.

That's why the case is in federal court – apparently because of Shaqiri.

As "Aargauer Zeitung" has learned, the administrative court - the first instance of the federal court - "cancelled the construction permit and approved the neighborhood's appeal." Shaqiri is already challenging the decision at the highest level.

The 270 square meter villa would have a cinema, an outdoor pool, a fitness room, four bedrooms and six bathrooms. An apartment for the grandmother is also planned on the first floor. But it is unclear whether the ideas can be put into practice. It is not known when a final decision can be expected.