The flag of Kosovo is higher than that of Serbia, the Serbian media "go crazy".

The Balkan Karate Championship ended on Sunday in Podgorica.

On Saturday, Kosovo competitor Alma Loki won the gold medal in kata. In the final, she was rated higher than the contestant from Serbia, Neda Milosevic.

This led to the fact that in the medal distribution ceremony, the flag of Kosovo will be next to that of Serbia, but higher.

This picture, which was shared a lot, was not liked by the media in Serbia.

"Why don't you stop this shame, Montenegrin brothers?! The flag of Serbia and that of the false state of Kosovo side by side", wrote the anti-Albanian website "".

There were comments in Serbia that contestant Milosevic had to leave the podium. Others have assessed the appearance as normal.

Assessments such as "unbelievable scene", "rare scene" "senseless" "disgrace" were presented in numerous Serbian media.