The Serbian footballer backs down, now says he wouldn't hurt Xhaka and Shaqiri

Zdravko Kuzmanovic - Serbia - Switzerland - Qatar 2022

Zdravko Kuzmanović spoke once again on Thursday. However, he spoke differently from what he said on Wednesday to the Swiss media. On Wednesday, the former Serbian footballer told "" that he would knock out Grant Xhaka or Xherdan Shaqiri if he was still part of Serbia. But, on Thursday, he retracted his words. He told "Blick" that he would not want to hurt anyone on purpose. "Of course I didn't mean to intentionally hurt anyone. What I wanted to say is that I would enter the duels harder and give everything because I really want to win. You know me. I've never been a player who stops. I was emotional and I still will be", said Kuzmanovic. Kuzmanović and Shaqiri were together at Inter.

He also spoke about the relationship with Shaqiri.

"We know each other. From time to time we also see each other in Kaiseraugst in Aargau and talk to each other. We have no problem", he said. He insists that the double-headed eagle created by Xhaka and Shaqiri in Switzerland's 2:1 win over Serbia was a mistake. But he added that the Serbs also made a mistake.

"Both sides behaved well. But as a player you have to get used to provocations. This is part of the job, you're not allowed to show. The boys certainly learned from their mistakes. I hope that the same scene will not be repeated", Kuzmanović emphasized. Kuzmanović was born in Switzerland, while he played for the youth of this country. In the seniors he played for Serbia, while he played 50 games and scored six goals.