Drita e Gjilani in disciplinary - significant damage in "Fadil Vokrri", the fight with metal bars

The Competition Commission of the Kosovo Superliga in football on Monday made the disciplinary initiations regarding the incident that happened in the match between Drita and Gjilan.

The match of the fifth week, Drita - Gjilani, was played on Sunday at the "Fadil Vokrri" stadium in Pristina. Gjilani scored the victory with the numbers 2:0, while during the break between the parts there was an incident between the fans. According to the Competition Commission, it was the fans of Gjilan who provoked those of Drita.

A disciplinary procedure has been initiated against Drita, which was the organizer of the match.

The fans of Drita first threw pyrotechnics in the eastern stand, and then also smoke pyrotechnics.

"During the break, the guest fans of Gjilan provoke those of Drita, who then rush towards each other, where the fight begins with metal bars, plastic seats and fists, which is why the second half starts 15 minutes late", says the decision of the KG. According to this organ of the FFK, "in the eastern stand where Drita fans were, material damage was caused: some broken seats, damaged fencing, some broken ceramic tiles in the toilets, and the door of the locker room where Drita was located was damaged ".

Disciplinary action has also been taken against Gjilan.

"The fans of Gjilan provoked those of Drita. As a result, they rushed at each other, fighting with metal bars, plastic seats that were behind the gate and punches. On this occasion, considerable material damage was caused to the infrastructure of the stadium 'Fadil Vokrri'. Before the start of the second half, the fans of Gjilan set off smoke pyrotechnics and damaged some chairs in the north stand of the stadium". The Football Federation of Kosovo also condemned the "vandal behavior of the fans" in the derby on Sunday. FFK had given permission for the match to be organized in Pristina due to the fact that the stadium in Gjilan is being renovated.

But the damage done to the only stadium in the country that meets the criteria for international matches has been severely criticized by the Football Association.

"The Football Federation of Kosovo strongly condemns the acts of violence by the fans of the two teams at the 'Fadil Vokrri' stadium in the match between Drita and Gjilan. FFK is indignant with the vandalism of the fans of both teams as well as with the poor organization of the match", Blerim Halimi, FFK's media officer, told KOKHEN.

"The FFK makes it clear to the clubs that this will be the last time it has given permission for matches to be held at 'Fadil Vokrri', because this is the only stadium that meets the conditions for international matches and is the stadium of the national team of which we must all protect and not vandalize and damage the inventory. The federation is constantly supporting the clubs, but unscrupulous people are abusing this, destroying what has been done with a lot of hard work," added the FFK media official.