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Djokovic was hit without purpose

Novak Djokovic

(Updated 22:00) - The organizers announced that the bottle that hit Djokovic accidentally fell from a backpack.

"A young man bent down to give Djokovic a notebook to sign and an aluminum water bottle fell from his backpack and hit the tennis player on the head," the announcement states.

The injuries are not as serious as Djokovic portrayed them by falling to the ground.

Tennis player Novak Djokovic was hit in the head with a bottle while signing autographs for fans at the Masters tournament in Rome on Friday night.

After the shot, Djokovic fell to the ground.

He lay there for several minutes, while the organizers of the tournament came to his aid. It is reported that it suffered cracks. 

The Serbian tennis player defeated the French Corentin Mouteti in the second round.