Husaj brings international experience and wins the title in Kosovo

Gazmend Husaj

Gazmend Husaj

Rare are the volleyball players raised in Kosovo who have appeared or are appearing at a serious international level. The successes of those who have penetrated to serious European levels are few.

But when Gazmend Husaj is mentioned, the situation changes. Husaj, one of the best volleyball players Kosovo has had, if not the best, on Monday night celebrated the title of champion with the Peja volleyball club.

"We celebrated a little, but we left the big party for Wednesday", Husaj said on Tuesday for KOHE.

"It is one of the most special successes. At the age of 17 or 18, I left Kosovo. I had titles even then. I won in Macedonia and Albania, but this is considered one of the most special after the 14-year period. It was my desire to give my contribution to Kosovo volleyball and bring the experience I have from abroad". 

Husaj returned after a total of 14 editions spent outside Kosovo.

Husaj considers the title won with Peja on Monday one of the most special trophies.

"I am returning after about 14 seasons spent outside Kosovo. And this title for me is very special. I made it my duty to win this title, but normally by thanking all the players, the staff of the club. We have a very high-quality team and I am satisfied with the performance and organization. All together we managed to be declared champions", said the successful volleyball player.

36-year-old Pejani has made a career in Albania, North Macedonia, Switzerland, Bahrain, Qatar, Italy, Turkey, France, Greece, Saudi Arabia and finally in Kuwait. 

He appreciates the growth made by Kosovar volleyball. But he says that Kosovo still does not have the capacity to present itself with any club in the Champions League.

"The team has won all the trophies in Kosovo, including the 'Gjergj Kastrioti' league. And there are opportunities to appear in all European competitions. But it hasn't been decided yet. I think there is no reason to participate in the Champions League, as we are not yet ready to face the best European clubs. We can participate first in the CEV Cup, then with eventual relegation we continue in the Challenge League. I see it as a path to follow", said the tall man.

Husaj estimates that the level of volleyball in Kosovo has improved. But he says that the clubs should focus maximally on working with the new generations.

"There are changes both in terms of organization and the level of players and teams. There were 6-7 teams that were at the level. New flows from abroad have also increased the level. But I believe it will grow even more. More work should be done with the new generations. A bigger boost should be given to the school to have players for the future. So, more work should be done with young people, in order to have a base for Peja, but also for all of Kosovo", Husaj emphasized.

He expects that Kosovo clubs in the future will be completed with players from the beginning of the season.

Even the captain of Peja,  Agron Nikçi considers the triumph in the championship a great success. In fact, Peja has only continued to dominate  in Kosovar volleyball.

"It is a great success for our club, as this has been one of the most difficult editions. All clubs have had promotions. We think that now the team has reached a level where it can be a competitor with international teams. We will see in which competition we will participate", said Nikçi.

Peja has won seven championship titles, while it has won the championship four times in a row.