The karate community "agrees", another extraordinary assembly

Karate Federation of Kosovo

The Karate Federation of Kosovo from July of last year faced great division. Two groups were created. One group was led by Nazmi Gashi and Besart Baruti and the other group was led by Avni Gashi. However, the two groups have "reconciled" and will soon elect the new leadership - the chairman, two vice-chairmen and members of the Board.

Besart Baruti is expected to be re-elected president of the Kosovo Karate Federation (FKK). Baruti is expected to win the votes to be elected chairman of the FKK. Barut's election as chairman is expected to be acceptable at least to the karate community, which has been operating divided into two groups since July last year. And the consequences for the split into two groups have been great. But the troubles in the karate community are "expected" to end soon.

Baruti is expected to be the only candidate for president in the next Extraordinary Electoral Assembly that is expected to be held soon. The Extraordinary Assembly will be called with 2/3 of the signatures of the clubs.

All clubs that, among others, are licensed by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports will have the right to participate in the Assembly.

KOHA has learned that an agreement was signed between the two groups a few days ago.

FKK and KOK have not commented, but Shemsi Shaqiri has also confirmed the agreement. Shaqiri was Barut's counter-candidate in the "joint" Extraordinary Electoral Assembly of the FFK, which was held on January 27, which elected Besart Barut as chairman.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MKRS) did not accept as legal the "joint" Extraordinary Electoral Assembly of the Kosovo Karate Federation (FKK) on January 27.

From the Assembly of January 27, numerous findings were identified that conflict with the Administrative Instruction for the Establishment and Registration of Public and Private Sports Clubs.

It was identified that delegates who appear in the database of the Evaluation Commission for Licensing of Sports Federations as members of a club, while in the Assembly they voted for another club. And this for MKRS is a violation. Thus, the license of the FKK remains suspended until the Assembly is assessed as legal by the MKRS.

However, the FKK community believes that the Extraordinary Electoral Assembly that is expected to be held soon will also be the last.

"We have signed the agreement. Besim Aliti, vice president Milaim Kelmendi, Fidan Shatri from MKRS were present at the joint meeting. It was me, Shkëlzen Berisha, Nazmi Gashi and Besart Baruti. We signed an agreement to get out of the crisis. We have agreed that Besart Baruti will be the chairman, while we will be part of the Board together. We have always been together. We are all friends. We go to races together. It was well done, the Federation and the contestants won. Next week, I believe, the Assembly will be held", Shaqiri told KOHE on Thursday.

Due to the suspension of the license, FKK is not included in the list of categorized federations for 2024.

Most of the federations operate entirely with the funds they receive from the state budget.

The support based on the categorization, however, is not the only one of the state for the sports federations. From the state purse, federations are also supported in various forms. And this has so far often lost the meaning of categorization. Some federations have received hundreds of thousands of euros other than those foreseen by categorization.