Te Rahoveci has big plans after the historic success

KH Rahovec

The Rahovec handball team had the belief that they would win the championship title. Now they are convinced that Rahovec will be dominant in Kosovar handball for a long time. They have big plans.

Coach Verim Zherka says he was convinced that Rahoveci would win the champion title. He bases his conviction on the team's organization, discipline and professionalism that his players have shown throughout the season. He thanked all the players for their commitment, the club leaders for the conditions offered and the fans for their great support.

After ten consecutive titles of Besa Famgas, Rahoveci won the champion title for the 2023/2024 edition on Wednesday. Even the "vintners" won the first title in history precisely in Besa's gym, that of "Karagaçi" in Peja.

"We were deeply determined that we will bring the title to Rahovec, because from the beginning of the season our strength and quality were seen, but I want to emphasize that this rise of Rahovec has been a chain process and that even years before this season the club has had success and promotion by thanking my colleague Leonardo Cula for his work during this phase of the KH Rahovec explosion", said Zherka on Thursday for KOĖN.

In fact, Rahoveci, which consolidated as a club a few years ago, has dominated the entire season in the Super League. Last edition was one of the best teams, while this edition was definitely the best.

In the regular season there was only one defeat, by Besa. He had defeated the Pejan team three times. He had defeated the other teams four times. In the semi-finals of the playoffs, Rahovec easily beat Trepca.

He won the playoff final with 2:0 in the match. Zherka has stopped talking about the course of the two matches against Besa.

"As for the final matches with Besa, we prepared to the maximum and the plan and the whole tactic was to eliminate Besa with two games and that we agreed that in the first match we must give our best to have a positive result in Rahovec even though we have being a little mentally charged, maybe we're in for a surprise. As for the second match in Peja, I can freely tell you that we were all convinced that we would win because we are a better team than Besa, but they will also have that psychological burden that was seen later during the match", said Zherka. "Once again, I take the opportunity to thank my players, the leadership of the KH Rahovec club, the fans and the city of Rahovec for giving me this great joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Zherka has said that they will soon sit down and discuss the future with the head of the club. He expects Rahovec to have a bright future.

Even Rahovec's captain, Ardian Osa, believes in the leadership's plans.

"The commitment and sacrifice of the entire edition has been rewarded. For this, I thank the coach, teammates and all the staff and citizens of Rahovec who have supported us like never before. This is only the beggining. The board is working to bring in some quality players. If our team is completed with some new arrivals, I think that next year the team will be even more successful, especially in the international arena", said Osa.

Players such as Egzon Gjuka, Jon Muqolli, Jeton Bislimi, Victor Alonso, Mali Luzha, Alban Haziri and others made a great contribution to the historic success of Rahovec.