The Disciplinary Commission punishes the president of the Balkans

Education Kabashi

The president of the Balkans, Arsim Kabashi

The Disciplinary Commission of the Kosovo Super League in football has punished the president of the Balkan club, Arsim Kabashi, with 300 euros.

According to the decision published on the official website of FFK, after the end of the first half of the Drita - Balkani match, Kabashi entered the referees' dressing room and asked for clarification regarding the interruption of a Balkan action.

According to the Disciplinary, he threatened the judges saying: "In the second half you will see if you hurt me". The Disciplinary Commission described Kabashi's action as a threat, while the judges asked the police to remove him from the locker room.

Delegate Agim Hasani is reprimanded. In the justification, it is said that Hasan allowed Kabashi to enter the judges' dressing room, although the president of the Balkans was not recorded in the protocol of the match.

The KD of FFK has also punished Prishtina with 500 euros, as it had not provided ball collectors before, during and until the end of the match Prishtina - Malisheva. Drita was reprimanded, while her coach, Zekirija Ramadani, was reprimanded. KD has also made several other decisions.