"World Aquatics" is informed about the case of Hana Beiq

Mal Gashi and Eda Zeqiri are the Kosovar swimmers who have appeared for the World Water Sports Championship that has already started in Doha, Qatar. The World Cup is organized by "World Aquatics", which has already been announced in the case of the Kosovar swimmer, Hana Beiqi.

The 15-year-old was not selected for the World Cup by the Kosovo Swimming Federation. Her club, Otrila, has assessed that FNK has discriminated against Hana. The same assessment was given by the Olympic Committee of Kosovo, while the FNK denied that it discriminated against the young swimmer. The FNK has even accused the Olympic Committee of a tendency to interfere in the decision-making of the federation's bodies.

Last week, the Kosovo Olympic Committee gave the ultimatum to FNK to include Hana Beiq in the team for the World Cup. After this did not happen, the KOC wrote to the World Aquatics organization.

"The response from World Aquatics came on Monday to the Kosovo Olympic Committee. In World Aquatics, they will deal with this work", said KOKHA sources close to the developments.

Public pressure has increased regarding Hana Beiq's allegations of discrimination, which have been denied by the Swimming Federation.

The swimming competitions in the World Cup will not start until February 11, but Kosovo continues to have only two swimmers on the list. Beiqi is not one of them.

"It's painful for me, as I deserved to go. I have two Olympic disciplines with the highest results in Kosovo, and this championship in Doha, Qatar, which is being held, is the last qualifier for the Olympic Games. It is unfortunate that I was not given the opportunity and I was denied the results which are public in the rankings and on all swimming portals", said Hana Beiqi on Sunday for KOHEN.

She emphasized that she had been discriminated against even by the Kosovo Olympic Committee for years.

The Otrila club's complaint was addressed to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. But there is no position from MKRS until now.

There have been accusations of discrimination against athletes in the past as well. But mostly they passed in silence without any action.