In the Balkans, they promise a great performance in Prague

The coach of the Balkans, Ilir Daja, has admitted that Slavia Prague is the favorite against his team in the European match.

However, the coach from Tirana has promised a great performance from his players against the big club from the Czech Republic. He emphasized that the Balkans aims to be an example in Europe for good performances and commitment. The match between Slavia Prague and Balkan will take place on Thursday from 18:45 at the "Fortuna Arena" stadium. It is the second match of Group G of the Conference League.

The Balkans, in their debut in the group stage, tied at the "Fadil Vokrri" stadium with the result 1:1 against Cluj, a match that took place last week. Daja expects his team to make another great performance, as they did against the Romanian team, although he has admitted that it will not be easy at all.

"Nothing becomes easier for us, because each match is more difficult and in the groups the teams are stronger than in the qualifying rounds. I want us to do our best and show up as strong as possible. The favorite is Slavia, but we will try to give our best with all the possibilities to continue the positive series we have. It is important to make a good presentation not only of our team, but of all Kosovo football", said Daja on Wednesday, at the press conference.

He emphasized that Slavia is the most experienced team in the European arena. However, the coach of the champion of Kosovo has insisted that they will try to give their best in this duel.

"For us, it is the first time we participate in European competitions and the first game on the road, where we face a team that is the favorite to pass the group and has good results in the championship and experience in European competitions. We will try with our possibilities to do the best possible and make another great performance like against Cluj in the first match", said Daja.

In Prague, the Balkan footballers arrived on Wednesday during the day, while after the conference in the evening they held the last training session before the match against Slavia. Next to coach Daja, goalkeeper Stivi Frashëri also appeared at the press conference. Frashëri has said that he expects great commitment from all football players in the match against Slavia Prague.

Even Frashëri has admitted that Slavia remains the favorite not only in this match, but also to win the group. However, he said that he expects a good performance from the Balkans, which can bring a favorable result.

"It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to play with an opponent like Slavia. I hope we do our best and have a favorable result. Normally, Slavia shows itself that it is a stronger opponent than Cluj and Sivasspori and is the main contender to win the group. We must be much more motivated than against Cluj, give our best and not allow ourselves to be punished. We will enjoy the matches in the group stage, as it is the first time we play", said Frashëri.

He insists that the team must not stop until the match is over, referring to the match against Cluj. Against the Romanian team, Balkani, was winning until the 90th minute with a score of 1:0. However, the goal conceded at the end of the match meant that the Balkans did not get the full points.

"We have to appreciate every moment until the end of the match, not like with Cluj we thought the game was over and the opponent punished us in those moments to take the victory away from us at the end. For me it will be good to play in a stadium with a big atmosphere, of course it will not be easy. We have prepared well and I hope we enjoy it. I hope to give my best and prove that we can play football even though we are a small team from a small country", said Frashëri.

Balkan will play the next match in Europe again on the road, but in the next month. On October 6, they will face Sivasspor in Turkey.