Gjilan aims for the second victory, Drita for revenge

Many of the young people from Gjilan would like to be at the city stadium on Thursday from 13:00 to support Gjilan or Drita. However, only a few of the fans will have the opportunity to closely follow the biggest derby in Kosovo.

The number of spectators will be limited, as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus and also due to the works at the stadium.

Both teams promise the maximum to make their viewers happy, Gjilani "Skifterat", while Drita "Intellectuals". Gjilani is a local in the derby that belongs to the 15th round of the Kosovo Super League in football. The match was supposed to take place on Wednesday, but it was postponed to Thursday because Kosovo declared a day of mourning in honor of the victims of the accident in Bulgaria, where 46 people lost their lives, most of them Albanians from North Macedonia.

Gjilani and Drita are at the top of the table with 25 points each. For the coach of Gjilan, Ismet Munish, the position is of little importance in the derby.

"Regardless of where both teams are, Gjilan and our opponent, the derby always produces unexpected moments and results and this is special in Kosovo football. For this reason, it is the biggest derby in our football. Our calmness comes as a result of good form as a team, as well as individually. We have left behind the injuries we had and now I can say that we are complete in all departments and the players we count on," said Munishi.

He admits that the derby can be lost or draw. But, Munishi insists that his team will emerge victorious.

"I haven't done my homework yet, I will do it in the evening. We know the opponent and we will take measures. Even the opponent knows us well and will prepare for us. The opponent has some strengths and weaknesses. We will go in for victory, in the derby there are three possible results, but we will go in for victory".

Gjilan will miss Besar Musolli, Muhamed Useini and Fiton Hajdari, while Drita is expected to be complete.

and most of our teammates have experienced the derby only once and we hope to win the second derby and keep the first position. However, it will not be easy. Drita has a good team, we both play in the same stadium and it will be a difficult derby. With the character and the work we have done, I believe we will succeed in winning this derby", says Arbër Prekazi, defender of Gjilan.

Drita's team still hasn't come to terms with the defeat suffered by Gjilan in the first derby of this edition held on September 26 at the "Fadil Vokrri" stadium. Drita lost the match of the sixth round 2:0, and now aims for revenge.

"This derby has always been fiery, and now the classification also takes care of itself. It will be an important match for us, important and special especially for our fans. I am confident that the team will have special motivation to go in and face an opponent that has a good quality team. We will analyze the opponent in every detail. It is a team that, in addition to playing well as a group, also has individuals who know how to solve the game. We will analyze and prepare well so that we don't suffer as in the last match from a blow. The team is ready and I have faith in the boys that we will give our best", says Ardian Nuhiu, coach of Drita.

Nuhiu says that it is easier for coaches to prepare a derby. He insists that footballers do not need additional motivation, while he expects the players to enjoy the derby and ultimately win it.

"Personally, I tell my players that they are lucky to play in such a match, because it is a very good opportunity, a match that you should enjoy. It will be a good match, an open match, a spectacle where we will also not miss the spectators and I hope football wins".

Even one of the players who is part of Drita, Astrit Fazliu, says that they are motivated to win the second derby of the current edition.

"The word derby motivates and prepares more than other matches even though we are professionals and we prepare maximally for each match. However, the derby, as in the whole world, is also special here and is played for fans, as the fans have their own rivalry and everyone expects their team to win. We will give our best to reach the victory".

In 14 matches, Gjilan has scored six wins, seven draws and suffered only one defeat, while Drita has scored seven victories, while drawing four times and suffering three defeats. Drenica - Llapi and Balkani - Malisheva are also played on Thursday.

Superliga – 15

Thursday (13:00)

Gjilani - Light

Drenica – Llapi

Balkans - Malisheva


Prishtina – Feronikeli 2:0

Dukagjini – Ulpiana 0:0

  1. Gjilani 14 6 7 1 18:12 25
  2. Light 14 7 4 3 14:9 25
  3. Balkan 14 6 6 2 18:13 24
  4. Llapi 14 6 3 5 20:16 21
  5. Prishtina 15 5 6 4 17:13 21
  6. Drenica 14 6 2 6 17:14 20
  7. Ulpiana 15 4 5 6 16:24 17
  8. Dukagjini 15 3 7 5 11:13 16
  9. Malisheva 14 4 3 7 12:13 15
  10. Feronicel 15 3 1 11 5:21 10