The family keeps the sneakers Leotrim was wearing when he was killed by Serbian forces

"Except for two times he ran them"

These are the only words that Besnik can get out of his mouth, as he shows the sneakers as the only sign left by his brother Leotrim.

Only 2 years older than Leotrim, in front of the cameras he does not dare to confess about the event of September 11, 1998, in which he had experienced it himself.

But behind the camera he showed a lot.

When the shell fired by the Serbian forces hit their yard in Rezalle in Skenderaj, Leotrimi, who was only 7 years old, was wearing these sneakers and was standing in this part of the yard.

Their older brother, Bahri Ahmeti, who during the time the tragedy happened, was at the front of the war together with their father, who was later martyred, as the commander of that area, manages to narrate the whole incident.

With tears in his eyes, he says that he did not manage to see Leotrim alive, although he went to the hospital in Gradica.

In addition to Leotrim, another girl also died that day, and many others still have fragments of grenades in their bodies.

The sneakers, which he keeps in the closet of their house in the village, he has never shown to his mother. 
In addition to the shoes and photographs, now the Ahmeti family will also have a sculpture as a memory for Leotrim, thanks to the sculptor Sabri Behrami.

"Oh mother, look that I also have something in my stomach, I'm sick from my stomach" were the words of Leotrim's mother, which deeply touched Behram, pushing him to create this sculpture.

The author of more than 50 works located in Kosovo and abroad, says that it was very difficult for him, since the shape of Leotrim's body was based on his 7-year-old son. 

His own son was very interested in this story.

Preparations for placing the statue of Leotrim in Skenderaj square have already begun and it is expected to be placed on June 18, the day of the liberation of this municipality.