Brus village, a place where the residents produce charcoal

Charcoal - Brus village

The natural beauty of the village of Brus, which is in the Municipality of Lipjan, makes it attractive for visitors.

Most of the residents of the village of Brus have the production and sale of coal as their only profession.

In this village there are about 30 adequate ovens in which wood is burned and made into charcoal for grilling. 

Even Gjon Gashi from the "Pershter" neighborhood of Brus village supports his family with coal.

He gets the wood from his forest, which he then processes in the oven he has in the backyard of his house. 

He tells us in detail how the coal is processed, which he then sells in the local market in various kebab shops.

Gashi claims that there may be gold on his land. He says that since 2017, local and international companies have visited the village to discover the natural resources it may have.

The whole village deals with the processing of coal, while other natural assets such as gold have not yet been certified by local institutions, nor international ones.

Another characteristic of the village is that all families have a surname.