Ulcinj Castle attraction for tourists but difficult for residents

Shazi Nimanbegu has been living in the ancient fortress of Ulcinj together with his 5-member family for many years.

Life in the Castle is not easy at all for him and the other 70 residents who live within its walls. They face difficulties every day, lack of transport, food supply and other basic things for living.

Nimanbegu, despite the difficulties, also has a restaurant as the oldest in Kala.
It prepares the most delicious fish dishes, as well as other traditional and seafood dishes.

Nimanbegu says that in order to stock the restaurant and the house with products, he and his family members have to carry all the items by hand.

But, despite this, he says that he does it with a lot of love and that he has never thought of leaving his livelihood in Kala, as he says that his grandparents were the first people from Ulcinj to come here.

He says that earlier the season in Ulcinj was very profitable, but now they have their eyes on the Kosovars.
The castle is characterized by steep and long alleys, which make it even more difficult to climb there.

The houses in the Castle are very old, but some of them have been restored after the destruction caused by the 1979 earthquake, while others have completely collapsed.

About 46 years ago, a powerful earthquake had hit the city of Ulcinj, as well as destroyed a part of the Castle, which has not been renovated to this day.