The martyrs of "Sofalia" are commemorated through blood donation

blood donation

The medical team is conducting the necessary check-up.

Until he performed the necessary medical check-up,  Ismajl Hajdini is ready to donate blood in the blood transfusion vehicle, which has been placed in the park of "Taukbahce" every March 10 for 28 years.

He did this to honor the martyrs of the "Sofalia" neighborhood, who 25 years ago were taken and burned by the Serbian forces in 1999. Among them was his father, who was disabled and aged forced. Meanwhile, Hajdini himself was a KLA soldier.

By donating blood, Hajdini says he remembers his father saving someone else's life.

"I burned my father. Father was disabled and was cremated in "Zlatar", and today we commemorate him by donating blood to save the lives of others. For 4-5 years regularly. More should have been done, but it is being forgotten. There is interest, but it would have been better to do more."

14 other residents of this neighborhood had the same fate, where one of them is still missing.

Muharrem Gashi from the village of Mramor also donated blood, who said that those who fell in the war of 1998-1999 were quickly forgotten.

"The woman's sister was killed in the war, here on "Rrugë e Bledi" and I had my grandmother who disappeared in the war and we found her after 11 years. Donate as much as you need. I have given on other occasions, but it is good to give on this day. It is good that they are commemorated a little more often, because we are starting to forget them quickly, we are not supporting enough the people who were in the war".

Doctor Fetije Daciq said that donating blood is very necessary, especially in the month of Ramadan.

"Every year we support this demonstration in honor of the fallen martyrs in this neighborhood and every year the number is increasing as much as possible. It is mainly family members who donate and we have it every year, every 5 minutes of someone's time is a lifetime for someone. It is a very good thing and now in the month of Ramadan we need a little more blood donation. It is good for anyone who enjoys good health to donate blood."

All this organization was done by the Local Council in "Sofali". Enver Redenica, chairman of this council, says that they did not have the support of the Municipality of Pristina, being ignored by them.

In addition to the organization of the blood donation, the manifestation for the commemoration of these martyrs has been held for two years now.

The prime minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, was also present at this gathering, who said that the massacres in the neighborhoods of Pristina and the forced disappearances are evidence of Serbia's crimes against Albanians in the last war.

To commemorate the fallen of this neighborhood, a tombstone has been erected in the "Taukbahce" park for 5 years now.