Beekeeping, work with income up to 20 thousand euros per year

Skender Shalaj, from the village of Gucat i Malisheva, is famous for his work as a beekeeper.

others are abandoning Kosovo by taking the crooked path for a better life, Shalaj has done the opposite.

It was 2008, when he returned from Italy to live in Kosovo, and only in 2010 did he start beekeeping.

Currently there are over 400 beehives and the whole family is engaged in this business.

Wintering of bees and their transport from one place to another for grazing are of particular importance to the beekeeper.

He says that in order to achieve success in the best quantity and quality, cooperation is also needed with farmers, especially with orchardists.

From his beehives, he produces other products besides honey, such as bee milk, wax and others.

While crystallization is often negatively evaluated, the beekeeper says that this is natural and does not make the honey poor quality.

The beekeeper sells most of the honey at home, even with all the great demands he has in the local and international market.

There are three types of honey: acacia, meadow and mountain honey. During the year, it produces about 150 thousand kilograms of honey. One kilogram sells for 20 euros.

He earns about 20 euros a year from this business.

Shalaj has received over 8 euros in subsidies from the Ministry of Agriculture for all the beehives it has.