"We celebrate by remembering" gathers the women in Rugovë

The beauty of Rugova, where the first snow has fallen, has added picturesque beauty to the greenery.

The tourist village "N'mal", located in Reka e Allaga, is ready to welcome guests in a warm environment. In the villas of this village, for November 28, the red and black flag has been placed.

Even inside, everything is dressed in the colors of the holiday. "We celebrate while remembering" is the title of the event that brought together ladies from different fields in one place. For the second time, the host of this organization, Vlora Nikçi, wanted to celebrate the contribution of women in state construction.

Traditional meals prepared with products from the Rugova mountains were served on the table. The guests dressed in traditional clothing from different areas have made Albania great in clothing.

The former deputy of the Parliament of Albania, Mesila Doda, made the way from Tirana to Pristina to celebrate together this holiday, which, according to her, unites Albanians the most.

They spent the whole day of November 28 with poetry, music and discussions. Sibel Halimi was also a part of them, according to which, these organizations influence to reflect on the figure of women so that they come out of the private sphere into the public one.

According to the organizer, Vlora Nikçi, the idea of ​​the party "We celebrate by remembering" was born from the traditional painting of the flag party, which is with men and no women.

To complete that picture, they have jointly taken a photograph, which, according to them, will remain a symbol of the glorious past and a bright future for the Albanian woman.