Billie Eilish says she has never been a happy person

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

The world-famous singer, Billie Eilish, has said that she has never been a happy person.

"Throughout my whole life I have never been a happy person, all the time. I was a cheerful person, but not happy. I experience joy and laughter and find fun in things, but I am a depressed person," she told Rolling Stone magazine.

Billy has battled with depression over the years while recalling that at one time he lost his faith completely, showing that he suffered a lot from depression throughout his life.

"When any bad feeling happened, I thought to myself that it would pass, it's just waves and they pass. This thing has always provided me with comfort, and this time I think I don't care at all anymore. I don't even want my condition to improve." the star explained.

She further showed that there were moments when she said to herself that she hasn't had fun in seven years.

“I had some illusions, because what 17-year-old goes to the Grammy Awards and wins five awards? But in life, I realized that I don't have that much experience", said Billie.
Recently, she says that she is going out with friends and going to different parties, but that she is afraid of people and the world.

"It's just intimidating for someone like me even if it's not, I feel like everyone's watching me and filming me while I feel vulnerable. Having these thoughts I decided to do the things that scare me the most. I am fighting this feeling and I am existing in the world", she said.