Jennifer Lopez reveals she was abused in a relationship

The most famous singer in the world, of Latin origin, Jennifer Lopez, has shown many details about her life in her new documentary, where she also talked about one of her ex-partners, whom she says was abusive.

"There have been people in my life who said 'I love you', but then didn't do the deeds that coincide with that word," said Lopez in her documentary "The Greatest Love Story Never Told", reports FemaleFirst.

She went on to say that a psychologist had once asked her what she would say to her daughter if she experienced such a thing.

"I'd take him right out of there and tell him to never look back. But for me it was all blurry and complicated. It seemed to me as if I was looking through the fog," said Lopez.

Although she did not say that she was beaten by any of her partners, she admitted that she was mistreated in various ways by being grabbed and pulled by force and saying unacceptable things to her.

"I have not been in any relationship where I have been beaten, thank God, but I have definitely been mistreated and some bad things have happened," said the singer.

She has also addressed this issue in her film This Is Me...Now: A Love Story, in a scene where she is seen in a glass house, singing the song "Rebound".

"You have to get to that point where you get so embarrassed that the circumstances become so painful and uncomfortable that you say 'I don't want this kind of relationship anymore,'" the lyrics say.

Despite the fact that the star also spoke about this part in her memoir "True Love" in 2014, but as then, and now, she did not mention any names.