Bad Bunny is sued by an animal rights group

Latino Hollywood star Bad Bunny has been sued by animal rights group PETA after he appeared on stage with a horse, TMZ reports.

The 29-year-old surprised his fans after he appeared on stage sitting on a horse at the first concert he was holding as part of his "Most Wanted" tour in Salt Lake City, Utah, last Wednesday.

PETA condemned Bad Bunny's act and ordered him to stop using animals on stage.

"'Bad Bunny' using a tour horse is cruel and irresponsible. Horse, you or your fans could get hurt", says the description of the video shared by PETA on TikTok.

"Relations between us are not good after this act. Bad Bunny what made you think it was a good idea to expose the horse to the noise, lights, fog and screams of thousands of people? It is clear that the horse does not want to be there. Please do not take animals to such shows. They want to live in peace and not be used for your spectacles," the text of Peta's video continued.

Bad Bunny got the horse back when he took the stage in Las Vegas on Friday and has yet to respond to Peta.

Peta previously also condemned musician Ceelo Green after he rode a horse at a party last year and fell.