Lenny Kravitz with an inspiring speech after accepting the People's Choice Music Icon Award

The world's most famous singer, Lenny Kravitz, gave an inspiring speech to the new generations after accepting the "music icon" award, a special career award, on Sunday at the "People's Choice Awards" ceremony, reports CNN.

When he took the stage to accept the award, Kravitz revealed how much he had thought about what he would say throughout the speech, as well as the word "icon."

"The word 'icon' has many different meanings to many people, but to me it means that you have left an undeniable mark by being who God made you to be. When I was taking my first steps in music, many people offered me many deals, but they asked me to change. My music was not 'black' enough, nor 'white' enough... I refused the money and the 'glitz' of the promises of fame, because I could not live without being my authentic self".

He continued his speech by saying that nothing in his career has anything to do with calculating how many records he has sold, or the number of songs, or how many awards he has won. The star said that for him, the only important thing throughout his career was that he enjoyed the art he was making and the music he was recording, using the gift God gave him, the voice.

Kravitz charged young artists to never follow trends.

"Set your own pace and accept that the best for you is here, now, in front of you", he said after reflecting on 35 years of his career, where he also thanked his parents who took him and took him to various concerts without left under the care of a nanny.

"Blue Electric Light", is his new album and the 12th in a row that will be released in May. The star has also said he will tour Europe throughout the summer.

"People's Choice Awards", which was held on Sunday, awarded the movie "Barbie" with the awards "film of the year" and "comedy of the year", and the series "Grey's Anatomy" with the award "series of the year".

Even the actor Adam Sandler accepted the "iconic" award and gave a speech, for which there was a lot of laughter and applause.

The "Film of the Year" award in the action genre was awarded to "The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes".

"Film of the year" in the drama genre was declared "Oppenheimer".

"The best movie star" in the men's category was announced to actor Ryan Gosling from the movie "Barbie", while his counterpart in this award is the actress Margot Robbie also from the movie "Barbie".

Actress Rachel Zelger, from "The Hunges Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes" was declared "Action Movie Star".

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, from "No Hard Feelings", was declared the "star of comedy films".

Actress Jenna Ortega from the movie "Scream IV" was announced as the "Drama Star".

The "best performance" of a film was announced to the actress America Ferrera in "Barbie".

The best "talk show" was announced to star Kelly Clarkson, while the best "night time show" was announced to Jimmy Fallon.

The singer Shakira received the award as "the best Latin artist", while the singer Beyonce received the award for "the best artist in the genre 'R&B'".

The "Best Song of the Year" and "Album of the Year" awards went to Olivia Rodrigo

"Athlete of the year" was announced by singer Taylor Swift's much-talked-about boyfriend, Travis Kelce.