The stars of "The Bikeriders" promote their film in London

The Bikeriders

Hollywood stars Austin Butler, Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy promoted their new drama, The Bikeriders, in the British capital.

Butler, who is enjoying immense fame from his portrayal of Elvis Presley in the Oscar-nominated film Elvis, said the huge amount of attention he received from fans and the media was a little hard to handle.

"This is very exciting. I'm learning to keep my feet on the ground. But nothing has changed in my life. I'm just spending time with my family and walking as much as possible in nature."

The actor also denied rumors that he has joined the cast of the upcoming film, "Pirates of the Caribbean", the work on the remake of which has already begun.

The Bikeriders is based on the 1967 picture book of the same name by author Danny Lyon. The event focuses on the lives of members of the motorcycle club "Vandals", founded in Illinois, United States of America.

In front of the journalists present at the premiere, Comer said that she did not need any help to bring her heroine character to life. The only thing she needed were some audio recordings to get her accent right.

"It was amazing. Her character stood out on every page of the script, she was a brave, funny, honest woman and I found her very authentic. It was true, especially in the presence of all those men. He carried himself very well. So yes, it was also a pleasure for me to embrace that aspect of myself."

Comer's character marries Benny, played in the film by Butler, who finds himself in a dilemma when the motorcycle club led by Hardy's character takes a wrong turn and begins to engage in dangerous and violent activities.

Hardy stated that the production and costumes greatly helped him immerse himself in the world of his character and the era in which the film is set.

"There were some elements that helped you imagine a different world, if it were to be recreated. So that was something great. As actors, it helps when you're surrounded by things that look authentic. Although it is impossible to travel back in time".

The director, Jeff Nichols, also paraded on the red carpet accompanied by the other actors of the film, such as Boyd Halbrook and Toby Wallace.

"The Bikeriders" is released in American cinemas from June 21.