Shakira criticizes the movie "Barbie", calling it wasteful

Shakira and her sons

Shakira and her sons think alike about the movie "Barbie"

The world's most famous singer, of Latin origin, Shakira, has said that her sons think that the much talked about movie "Barbie" is not good, saying that this movie tends to "steal" the opportunity to be a man.

"The Guardian" writes that she has said that she agrees with her sons, saying that "the boys hate the film, it seems like a waste and I agree with them".

"I like pop culture when it tends to amplify the powers of feminism without taking away men's masculinity in order to protect someone and provide a good life for women. I believe that we women must give all the tools and the belief that we can do everything without losing the essence, without losing femininity. I think men have a purpose in society and so do women. We complete each other and this interaction should not be lost", said Shakira recently in an interview for Allure magazine.

Shakira's view of "Barbie," the film that grossed $1.4 billion at the box office worldwide, was endorsed by some conservative commentators, including British screenwriter and journalist Piers Morgan, who posted on social media saying "Hooray for Shakira , finally, a high-profile woman ready to support men in being men."

Another negative comment about the film was made by the producer of the screenwriter Oliver Stone, who criticized the actor Ryan Gosling for agreeing to be "dispossessed" for a little money. Stone, before the big Oscars event, apologized for his comment, saying: "I appreciate the film for its originality and the themes it elaborated, and I spoke as an ignorant person."