Emily Blunt says Christopher Nolan loves gossip

The well-known Hollywood actress, Emily Blunt, has said that her director from the film "Oppenheimer", Christopher Nolan, likes to gossip.

In an interview with the Australian magazine "WHO", she said that the well-known director, whose film received many awards, is no different from everyday people, he likes to see the movie "Love Actually" every year and he likes rumours.

"'Chris have you heard of this?' And he says: 'No, what's up? Show me!', he's amazing and so 'cool' and I adore him," said Emily.

Meanwhile, the main star of the film "Oppenheimer", Cillian Murphy, has said that Nolan tells his family members to send the actors the scripts of the films.

Murphy, who has worked with Nolan on six film projects, said that all of Nolan's film scripts are printed on red paper so that they cannot be photocopied. The actor also revealed that Nolan tells family members to send the scripts to the actors, as they are the most reliable people for him.

"His mother had brought me some scripts once. His brother did it too. This has to do with the fact that he keeps the stories secret before they are published. Part of this has to do with tradition. They have always practiced this way of working that became a ritual, which I really appreciate. It suits me", said Murphy.